Yatz is a 5y/o GSP hunting dog. He now has an injury and can no longer hunt, therefore was going to be euthanized. He is so sad. He is howling for his master and hunting brother. He won’t eat but he is coming around. His is getting up and socializing with the other dogs and kids. Then he howls. He doesn’t know companion love, he knows work. And He is lost.
    Yatz is so sweet and docile. He is taking it all in and observing what Family is. Something about him is different- I can’t stop thinking about his broken heart. He possibly has a torn ACL, we will explore all options we have to give him. He, also, has chronic dry eyes and he’s been w/o his meds for a month. They are coming but he can barely open his eyes.
    We may have a long road ahead of us. He will know love every step of the way.
    Please welcome Yatz to his new life.

    Update: ¬†Oh, happy day! Nearly 2 months ago Yatz didn’t know what companionship was, what toys are, what treats are. Today, I took him to Columbia where his new Family awaited his arrival. He was immediately comfortable, took treats from their hands and played a light game of fetch with his new Mom. Then he jumped on the couch. He was ready. He was home.
    Happy tails to our handsome boy that stole our hearts.
    Thank you to his foster family for taking him in, for letting him be and feel how he needed to while he learned what love and Family are all about. Another happy adoption and life saved!


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