Millie is 11 and she is HW- and no tick diseases. She is, however, diabetic. Her blood glucose was 700! Hence why she is so thin and dehydrated even tho people were feeding her.
    Her family left her 2 years ago and she’s been on her own, fed by neighbors but no one monitoring her diabetes. We got her a B12 shot, insulin and sub-q fluids. Blood panel was drawn- results pending. She will get puppy food until her weight is stable. She is a very sweet girl.
    Donations for care appreciated!

    Update: She is doing very well. Her blood sugars are still relatively high. She is eating and drinking well. She has put on weight and her coat is really pretty. She is a sweet, docile dog and her tail has a slow and steady wag. 😀millie millie3 millie4 millie5

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