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    This handsome man is Duke. Duke is a 15 year old German Shepherd and Akita mix dog. Duke was a surrender due to his owner passing away and no Family to take him in. He has spent his entire life outside. Duke greeted me with hundreds of kisses, a strong lean into me and excited for a car ride. Duke’s vet check went well until we were walking out the door. Duke is HW+. He is currently on many medications to prepare him for the treatments. They are long and painful. Duke is in need of donations for his treatment. When he is well again he will be very ready for his forever home. He gets along with other dogs, cats and people. Children that know boundaries he gets along with as well. Duke is fully vaccinated but unaltered. We have yet to determine if it is truly necessary to neuter a dog this age though he has many years to come. Please consider Duke for your home and his heart.

    update: Duke is adopted and living a wonderful life! Duke came to us a year ago January. Lived in a pen, 14y/o, 96lbs, intact, HW+ and sweet as pie. Duke was adopted last summer and has had a great Family life. He now rides shotgun. He celebrates 16 this year. This is why….💙



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