• Daubi; ADOPTED

    IMG_3967 Daubi cried and whined his whole vet visit. Full vaccinations and HW-! Neuter Thursday. Vet estimated 12m/o. Dobi/pit mix.
    Donations appreciated


    Daubi was adopted and unfortunately returned after just a few months. 
    Daubi is going to a boarding and training facility. $20/day at K9 Paradise. Sponsorship would be very helpful at this time.
    hhr.rescuingoldfaithful@gmail.com for PayPal. Please click family and friends.
    HHR needs a huge favor.
    Daubi is a sweet and very energetic dog. He is about 15mo old. He is a PUPPY. He will get into your trash, jump the fence if he isn’t monitored, he plays-a lot, he nibbles when he plays, he will entice you or your dog to PLAY. He cuddles, he plays. And plays! No food aggression but will scale your counters if food is left out.
    He is good with dogs and kids. Adopter said “he needs training beyond what they’re capable of.” Again, he is 15mo old, about 40-45lbs.

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