• Bucky; ADOPTED

    This is Bucky. He just came to us in July of 2015. He was a chained up outside for 12 years. He is greatly underweight and has a line of demarcation where his chain sat for years. He has had little human love and little interaction with other animals. He is in a foster home with 3 resident dogs. So far he is getting along with them and is learning what it is to be inside and be touched, loved and clean. He is neutered and fully vetted. Slowly but surely he will be gaining his weight back and be a healthy 12 year old man. 🙂

    Bucky update; he has such a personality and so many silly quirks. He will absolutely melt your heart. He loves to sleep in the closet, rub his back in his bed, sits at the door for you to come back in, hides under the covers or in a stack of pillows. Bucky has made tremendous progress through the willingness of his wonderful foster home.

    More pictures to come as Bucky lives his life fully.
    UPDATE: Bucky was adopted 12/15!
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