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    This is Benny. He was brought in to a local shelter as a stray. So sweet, so small, so old. He is about 8-10 years old. He checked out well with a few ailments of an elder that are normal. He went into his foster home immediately. Everyone had some serious acclimating to do. But, they all turned out to be good friends. He has been diagnosed with renal failure, will be end stage sooner than later. The vet gave Benny 6mo to 1 year left with us. But, that will be Benny’s decision, he could hang on for a long time. He has thrived in his home, gained weight, regrew his coat, loves his people and his new human friends at work where he sleeps most of the day between treats. ┬áHe lives with his foster Dad and brother and a young canine sibling as well. A happy house of boys!

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