• Anastasia; ADOPTED

     HHR received a great honor today. We were able to help a US Service PTSD Dog. Ana’s veteran passed away, when he was discovered she was sitting on top of him, refusing to leave his body. AC removed her and took her. This is no place for any dog, not a place for Ana.
    I am working with the military to find her a Veteran that needs her service. We will help her stay focused and in work mode. This is such a great honor. If you know our Director …she is a military wife and dog advocate this is where her heart lies.
    Please welcome Ana to HHR. She is beyond amazing and we look forward to her future and her Veteran. 

    Update: Ana is doing really well. She enjoys going to the library with her foster mom. She is feeling safe and opening up for love.  She cuddles. She play nibbles and kisses. Ana has found her spot on the couch to relax. She has joined the family in their nightly doings, feeling a part of something. The foster mom says she is a wonderful dog to have around the Family. These baby steps are precious to us. This beautiful girl is making good progress.  Our Director was able to speak with the Veteran’s Family member about Ana’s life with her Vet. She had been with him since she was a puppy, she was trained and certified for PTSD and went everywhere with him.  We will HONOR this VETERAN and his amazing companion ANASTASIA! 


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